Certificate in Clinical Bioethics

Certificate in Clinical Bioethics

This course will meet on Hofstra’s campus Tuesdays from 
4-7 p.m. beginning September 9, 2014.

The nine-month program is appropriate for health care practitioners, legal and public health professionals, and those seeking deeper knowledge of clinical ethics. The course teaches bioethics through the lens of medicine, law and narrative. It includes an experiential component that offers practical guidelines for conducting clinical ethics consultations.

Alongside rigorous academic coursework, the program incorporates a clinical skills component that will allow participants to learn — and be assessed in — clinical competencies in preparation for real-life consultations in medical settings.

Program Design and Curriculum
The Certificate in Clinical Bioethics provides participants with a foundational understanding of bioethics. It also introduces participants to clinical competencies, preparing them to conduct ethics consultations in medical settings.

The curriculum is taught in modules over two semesters, and each semester includes a daylong retreat. Modules consist of four key elements:

1. Exploration of literature, policy, legal cases and other texts that will cover topics including, but not limited to:

  • Mental Status
  • Treatment Choices in Mental Illness
  • Eugenics
  • Scientific Research and Disclosure
  • Advance Directives and Surrogate Decision-Making

2. Examination of legal cases paired with simulated clinical cases, based on cases heard by hospital ethics committees

3. Clinical skills practice and assessment

4. Observation of hospital ethics consultations and participation in ethics committee meetings

Upon completion of the program participants will have the critical tools needed to analyze and assess ethics cases, participate in ethics consultations and serve on hospital ethics committees.

Who Should Apply
The Certificate in Clinical Bioethics is open to doctors, therapists, social workers, clergy, hospital administrators, lawyers, law students, judges and other professionals who would benefit from a grounding in clinical bioethics.

The cost of the program includes CLE and CME credits. Scholarship for CLE is available. For more information on CLE, contact Judith Black, director of special events, at 516-463-6889 or Judith.N.Black@hofstra.edu.

How to Apply
Apply online.

The tuition for the full-year program, which runs from September to May, is $5,000.

For more information, contact Melissa Kessler, assistant director, Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy and coordinator, Hofstra Bioethics Center, at 516-463-7361 or Melissa.J.Kessler@hofstra.edu.

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