Center Projects

Center Projects

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a framework for lawyers in divorce cases in which they and their clients agree to forego litigation for problem solving through negotiation. Professor Andrew Schepard was the Reporter for the Uniform Collaborative Law Act and through the Center, Hofstra Law students assisted in the research and drafting of the Act. At the conclusion of the drafting process, Hofstra hosted a national conference on Collaborative Law in November 2010.

Court Reform

The Center consults with court systems from all over the country and with leading organizations, such as the American Bar Association’s Youth at Risk Commission, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, and the New York State Permanent Judicial Commission on Justice for Children on family court improvement.

Family Law Education Reform Project (FLER)

Co-sponsored by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), FLER is leading a reexamination of the family law curriculum at law schools around the country in an effort to incorporate alternatives to litigation (ADR), interdisciplinary knowledge, and essential lawyering skills, all of which are not covered in most law school family law curricula today. FLER systematically solicited the opinions of hundreds of law professors, judges, lawyers, mental health professional, custody evaluators, mediators, researchers, law students and others in order to better understand how to train family lawyers who can better meet the needs of the families and communities they serve.

Youth Court

Youth Courts are a diversion program for first time, low risk juvenile offenders. Hofstra Law is proud to host hearings of the Nassau County Youth Court and to engage in ongoing research and policy advocacy in support of youth courts locally and nationally.

Youth Advocacy Center’s GBS Self Advocacy Seminar

The Center partners with the Youth Advocacy Center (YAC) to implement Getting Beyond the System® Self Advocacy Seminar, an innovative program geared toward assisting disadvantaged youth, many from the foster care system. The seminar meets each week and is faciltated by two Hofstra Law students who strive to impart critical decision-making skills that will enable the youth to become their own best advocates and plan for future success.

Youth-at-Risk Initiative

At the request of the President of the American Bar Association (ABA), the Center hosted a conference in 2006 to develop a plan for lawyers to address the problems of youth at risk of involvement with the criminal justice system; truants, runaways, youth aging out of foster care, and youth experiencing high conflict divorce and separation. A detailed national plan for action was created by a multidisciplinary group of experts from around the country and is being implemented by the ABA's Youth at Risk Commission. Professor Andrew Schepard is a member of that Commission.