Work Study

Work Study

Why is there no Work-Study award listed on my student bill?

Work-Study awards are earned by working for eligible employers and collecting paychecks up to the amount of the award.

What if I decline my Federal Work-Study and later decide I want it back?

As long as FWS program funds are still available and you have remaining financial aid eligibility, Work-Study funds can usually be reinstated.

When can I start working?

Before you can begin working, you must first visit the Student Employment Office during their office hours to complete payroll documents. At the end of that session, students will receive authorization indicating the first day the student is eligible to begin employment.

How and when do I get paid?

You need to complete and sign a biweekly timesheet for each period worked. An authorized agency representative must then approve and submit the timesheet to the Student Employment Office.

What happens if I begin working prior to receiving authorization?

Any student who begins employment without approval from the Student Employment Office will jeopardize the agency's ability to participate in future periods. Furthermore, the agency will be responsible for 100% of the hours worked by the unauthorized participant, not Hofstra’s payroll department.

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