Transfer Students

Transfer Students

I'm considering transferring from the part-time division to the full-time division of the J.D. program. How will that affect my eligibility for financial aid?

Students who transfer from the part-time to the full-time program are eligible to apply for federal loan funds and private loan funds, just as they could prior to transferring. The primary impact is that the cost of attendance is adjusted to reflect the full-time enrollment status.

Transfer or Advanced-Standing Applicants

As soon as you decide to apply to transfer to Hofstra, please have your FAFSA information submitted to the Hofstra Law Financial Aid Office. The FAFSA should be submitted by the April 1 deadline for grant, scholarship and Work-Study eligibility. Do not return your FAFSA to the Office of Financial Aid. The FAFSA may be completed online at Be certain to list Hofstra University and include the school code 002732. Do not wait for an offer of admission before submitting the FAFSA. If you delay in submitting the FAFSA and are admitted as a transfer student, there will likely be a delay in receiving your financial aid funds.

Should I notify the director of financial aid at my current school or will Hofstra tell her I have transferred?

After you have been admitted to Hofstra, contact your dean for students and the director of financial aid. These administrators play significant roles to finalize necessary separation paperwork from both the university and lenders.

My loan funds already have been disbursed to my current law school. Can't the financial aid office just mail them to Hofstra?

No, lenders disburse funds to individual schools on behalf of a student. If a student withdraws from the university or transfers to a different university the disbursed funds must be returned to the lender and the student is required to reapply for the loan through the new financial aid office.

Will I keep the same interest rate on my educational loans when I change schools?

Yes, the interest rate on federal loans is the same regardless of the school you attend. However, private loan interest rates could vary.

My current lender already mailed a pre-populated loan application to me. Can I use it?

No. After you have been admitted, write the word "cancel" in huge print on the promissory note and return it to the lender. Contact the lender to explain that you've transferred and will submit at a later date a new application.

My current school processes private loans electronically. Can I expect the same at Hofstra?

Perhaps. It depends on the lender. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.

Be sure to:
If you have not already done so, be sure to request the Department of Education to forward your student profile to Hofstra by adding Hofstra to your FAFSA. Hofstra's school code is 002732.

After you have been admitted to Hofstra Law, request the financial aid administrator at your current school to cancel all of your loans for that academic year.

If you received a Federal Perkins loan during your first year of law school talk with your current financial aid administrator about deferring repayment.

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