Summer Session and Visiting Another Law School

Summer Session and Visiting Another Law School

Can I apply for financial aid to assist with summer school expenses?

Students attending Hofstra Law are encouraged to work over the summer to assist with their educational expenses. However, if a student wishes to attend the summer sessions, they must provide their own financial assistance. Stafford Loans, Grad PLUS Loans or student private/alternative loans may be an option. Students are encouraged to notify our office of their intention to attend summer sessions by completing the Summer/Fall Loan Authorization From. The completion of this application does not imply that funds will be available.

What happens to my financial aid if I do a Study Abroad program?

Hofstra Law School offers students several opportunities to study abroad while pursuing their J.D. degree. Students wishing to participate in one of Hofstra’s study abroad programs will continue to have their financial aid processed by the Law School Financial Aid Office. Scholarship aid and federal loans will continue uninterrupted.

You may request that your student budget be increased to reflect higher living expenses, the cost of your airfare and additional fees associated with the study abroad program. If you are approved to study abroad, the Office of Student Affairs will send you a letter approving the program. You may submit this letter with a written request to adjust your budget.

Students should take the following steps regarding their financial aid in the semester preceding their participation in a study abroad program:

  1. Arrange with a family member or friend to coordinate your finances while you are abroad.
  2. Provide the Office of Student Accounts with the name and address to send any refund checks.
  3. Request increases to your student budget and apply for additional loans, if necessary.
  4. If you need to endorse your private loan check, please do so before you leave. Otherwise the Student Accounts Office will have to forward the check to you to endorse and wait for you to return it before the refund can be processed.

Please be aware that the Law Financial Aid Office is unable to advance funds for students who are studying abroad. You must follow the same refund policies that are in effect for all other students. In many cases we are unable to process your refund check before you leave the U.S. You should bring sufficient funds to cover your expenses for at least one month.

What happens to my financial aid if I visit another U.S. law school?

Students may choose to attend another law school while completing their J.D. at Hofstra Law. The Law Financial Aid Office will continue to process your federal and private loans as long as the Dean’s Office has approved your request to visit another school. The amount of the loans will be adjusted to reflect the host school’s student budget.

Students receiving scholarship aid should be aware that they will not receive their scholarship while they attend another law school. If a student decides to visit another law school and then returns to Hofstra to complete their studies, the scholarship will be reinstated.

Transferring loans to the host school involves the following steps:

  1. The student is accepted by the host school as a visiting student and registers for classes there.
  2. The host school’s financial aid office completes a Hofstra Law consortium agreement form.
  3. The Consortium Agreement is returned to Hofstra for approval by the Office of Financial Aid.
  4. Once the Consortium Agreement is approved, the loan funds will be disbursed to Hofstra University.
  5. Hofstra University will forward the loan funds to the host school.

Please note: The above steps must be completed for each semester that the student is visiting away. Please be aware that the refund process may be delayed since the consortium agreement must be reviewed by Hofstra University before the loan funds can be forwarded to the host school. You should have enough funds with you for at least a month of expenses in the event that there are delays.

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