Admitted Students

Admitted Students

How do I compare financial aid awards from several schools?

Financial aid packages should be evaluated based on quantity and quality. A good measure of the quantity of your aid package is to figure out how much financial aid money you will have left after paying your tuition and fees instead of simply considering the total amount. A financial aid package can be considered high quality if it allows a reasonable level of self-help awards (loans and work-study) compared to the total cost of education at the school.

What factors should I consider in accepting one law school's or another's financial aid package?

Compare the different packaging philosophies and awarding policies at each school. Be aware of changes or prorating that may take place as you continue your legal education. Knowing what to expect after your first year in law school can be a crucial part of making your final choice about which law school to attend.

Will Hofstra match financial aid packages that I have received from other schools?

Hofstra Law School does not "negotiate" or match financial aid awards from other universities. It may be that another university is offering scholarships based on factors such as merit, and not demonstrated financial need or a combination of the two. If, however, the other school has information about your family's financial situation that you did not share with us, or if you have reason to believe we have made an error in our evaluation, please contact us to discuss a possible re-evaluation.

If I decline all or part of my aid package and my circumstances change, can I request that my aid be reinstated?

That depends. If you request reinstatement within the term that the aid was granted, you are still enrolled, and your eligibility has not changed, we can typically reinstate Federal Direct Stafford Loans and Grad PLUS Loans.  Reinstatement of aid from other programs would be dependent upon whether funds were available in the various aid programs and the reason for your request.

Do I have to reapply for the merit based scholarship I receive?

Students do not need to reapply for merit scholarships. If, however, you have received need-based aid in addition to the merit scholarship, then you must update your financial records by filing renewal financial aid applications (Free Application for Federal Student Aid and and the NeedAccess form) every year. Students receiving merit scholarships have to meet the academic standard noted in their scholarship letter.

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