Program Overview

The goals of the Health Law and Policy Fellowship and the Health Law and Policy Fellowship Associate positions are:

  • to provide students with the academic resources to become innovators in the field of health law,
  • to enable students to become leaders in the field through courses and internships, and
  • to prepare students to create new pathways in health law that affect justice by making adequate health care available to everyone.

Fellows and associates have opportunities to engage in research and writing, plan conferences and symposia, and work on community outreach efforts through the Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy and the Hofstra University Bioethics Center.

First-Year Program Requirements

First-year fellows are required to participate in Discovering Health Law, a six-week-long series of discussions (noncredit), offered once each term, designed to introduce health law topics to students early in their law school studies.

Advanced Program Requirements

For second-year and third-year students

In addition to meeting all academic requirements, advanced fellows and associates are expected to assist in research and community outreach projects, symposia and events of the Gitenstein Institute for Health Law and Policy. This includes:

  • support for faculty research and writing,
  • participation in Gitenstein Institute events throughout the academic year, and
  • contributions to the institute’s news channel.