Current Fellows

Class of 2014

Reema Sultan
Reema graduated from Stony Brook University in 2011, receiving a Bachelor of Science in health science, with a concentration in public health.

For her senior research proposal, Reema focused on health care literacy because she believes the quality of care can be improved if funding is designated for patient education on health care and insurance options and treatment.

Reema has volunteered as an emergency medical technician and worked as a physical therapy aide, two experiences that have given her insight from both the patient and the provider perspectives. She has also interned with the Honorable Toni Bean, a judge in the Suffolk County District Court.

The internship gave Reema the opportunity to observe trials ranging from criminal to medical malpractice. This experience sparked her interest in evaluating the cost of medical malpractice litigation and the impact it has on the patient-provider relationship.

Class of 2015

Aileen Iorio
Aileen graduated from Villanova University in May 2012, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in humanities, with minors in biology and Spanish.

Aileen began her undergraduate studies with the goal of applying to medical school. She changed her focus after taking a philosophy course centered on bioethics and policy.

For her senior thesis, she developed a policy change for end-of-life preparation and treatment, which she hoped would result in less stress for families during such an emotional time.

Aileen serves as president of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law’s Health Law Society and is working to create educational programs for Hofstra Law students to explore opportunities in health law.

After her first year of law school, Aileen interned with Mental Hygiene Legal Service, a state agency that represents, advocates and litigates on behalf of persons who are either receiving or alleged to be in need of services for mental disabilities.

Currently, Aileen is an extern with the general counsel’s office at North Shore-LIJ Health System.

She is hopeful that her experiences at Hofstra Law will lead to a career developing health regulations and policy, with a focus on quality of life for all patients.

Lisa Rousso
Lisa received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1990.

After teaching in a bilingual elementary school, she went on to receive a Master of Science in educational psychology and counseling from California State University, Northridge, where she presented her thesis on “A Differential Diagnosis of Autism and Related Spectrum Disorders.”

As a school psychologist, Lisa helped develop interventions for both disabled and typical students and assisted families with their children’s medical needs and insurance coverage.

While working with disabled children, Lisa noticed many uninsured families in which parents relied on local hospitals to treat their children’s illnesses, receiving a minimal level of care. She also noted a select number of parents who sought overtreatment of their children.

Troubled by the discrepancies in care, Lisa decided to return to school to pursue a law degree to better advocate for access to appropriate and adequate care.

Since becoming a Health Law and Policy Fellow at Hofstra Law, Lisa spent the summer of 2013 as an intern with Mental Hygiene Legal Service, where she received training in representing, advocating and litigating on behalf of individuals receiving services for a mental disability.