Business Law Honors Concentration

The Business Law Honors Concentration gives students the solid foundation needed to excel as transactional lawyers, corporate litigators or business principals in the dynamic intersection of business and law. Students take a required curriculum including Business Organizations, Federal Tax of Individuals and Bankruptcy, and a required skills class, and are required to specialize further through Hofstra Law’s wide array of elective courses. Hofstra Law is committed to offering diverse learning experiences, including drafting and skills courses, clinics, and interdisciplinary courses in which students can be in the same classroom as business students.

Students selected for the Business Law Honors Concentration receive mentorship and advice from faculty advisors on course selection and with student writing projects. In addition, each semester the concentration hosts events exclusively for concentration students, which have included:

  • Alumni speakers
  • Course selection sessions
  • Special lectures from experts in diverse areas of business law
  • Visits to the New York Stock Exchange