Curricular Offerings

Required Core Courses
(One course is required)
Required Skills Courses (Must take at least one of the following) Approved Elective Courses  (Any other course must be approved by one of the concentration advisers)Writing Requirement
LAW 3881 - International Law LAW 5801 - Political Asylum Clinic LAW 2999 - Export Laws and Export Controls A student must complete a writing requirement that would satisfy either Writing Requirement I or II in any course, or via any Journal note or Independent Study, on an international law subject, as approved by the student’s concentration faculty advisor. It is permissible for the writing used to satisfy this requirement to be the same writing used by the student to satisfy another Law School requirement.
LAW 2876 - International Business Transactions Global Externship LAW 2986 - Regulation of International Markets  
  LAW 2788 - Ecuador Field Study: Special Issues in International Environmental Law LAW 2875 - International Commercial Arbitration  
  Cuba Field Study International Commercial Dispute Resolution  
  Immigration Field Study LAW 2929 - International Transactions: Commercial Paper in the Paperless Age  
  LAW 2875 - International Commercial Arbitration (with Moot Court) LAW 2841 - International Family Law  
  LAW 2716 - International Sales Law LAW 2848 - Foreign Affairs and the Constitution  
  LAW 2717 - International Sales Law Skills Lab LAW 2955 - Use of Force in International Law: From Peacekeeping to Terrorism  
    LAW 3924 - National Security and the Law  
    LAW 3872 - Immigration Law  
    LAW 2966 - Advanced Immigration Law and Citizenship  
    European Union Law  
    LAW 2928 - Introduction to the Economic Law of the European Union for Non-EU Lawyers  
    LAW 2854 - Law of Humanity and Law of Nations  
    Law of Human Rights Seminar  
    Law of the Sea  
    LAW 2839 - International Environmental Law  
    LAW 2826 - Energy, the Environment, and the Global Economy  
    LAW 2856 - Global Climate Change and U.S. Law  
    LAW 2978 - Comparative Health Care Regulation  
    LAW 2977 - Comparative Health Care Liability: Compensation for Medical Accidents  
    LAW 2718 - Comparative Cyberlaw