Curricular Offerings

Below is a list of relevant course work for the Business Law Concentration, including required and elective classes.

Business Law Concentration: Required and Elective Courses

Required Core Courses
(All courses required)
Required Skills Courses
(One required)
Elective Coures
(Must Take Three from both lists combined, with one required from List A)
Writing Requirement
List A List B

A student must complete a writing requirement that would satisfy either Writing Requirement I or II in any course, or via any Journal note or Independent Study, on a business law subject or subjects, as approved by the student’s concentration faculty advisor. It is permissible for the writing used to satisfy this requirement be the same writing used by the student to satisfy another Law School requirement.

LAW 2793 - Business Planning Seminar

LAW 2812 - Complex Corporate Transactions Seminar

LAW 2934 - Regulation of Securities Broker/Dealers

LAW 2945 - Taxation of Partnerships (extra required Skills course)