Curricular Offerings

Curricular Offerings

Below is a list of relevant course work for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Concentration, including required and elective classes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Concentration: Required and Elective Courses

Required Core CoursesRequired Skills Courses
(Must Take one)
(Must Choose 3 and Must choose 2 courses from Groups 1,2,3)
(Must Choose One)
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4

LAW 2931 - Representing Clients in Mediation

Any externship that involves ADR practice and/or policy work. The externship must be certified by the advisor to qualify as a culminating experience.

LAW 2852 - Methods of Int'l Comm ADR

(if not taken as a culminating experience).

Any other course approved by the student's concentration advisor, including an independent study or an ADR related externship.

(if not taken as a culminating experience).

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