Volume 22, No. 2 Spring 2005

Introduction Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 353
Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins: A Personal Account
of a Sexual Discrimination Plaintiff
Ann Hopkins 357
Faragher v. City of Boca Raton: A Personal
Account of a Sexual Discrimination Plaintiff
Beth Ann Faragher 417
Title VII at Forty: A Brief Look at the Birth, Death,
and Resurrection of the Disparate Impact Theory
of Discrimination
Robert Belton 431
Drawing the Line After Hoffman Plastic Compounds,
Inc. v. NLRB: Strategies for Protecting Undocumented Workers in the Title VII Context and Beyond
Christopher Ho
Jennifer C. Chang
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
(Cases): Gender Stereotypes and Sexual Harassment
Since the Passage of Title VII
Miriam A. Cherry 533
Affirmative Action in the Workplace: Forty Years Later Richard N. Appel
Alison L. Gray
Nilufer Loy
Making Title VII Law and Policy: The Supreme Court's
Sexual Harassment Jurisprudence
Ronald Turner 575
The Limits of Multiple Rights and Remedies: A Call
for Revisiting the Law of the Workplace
Ann C. Hodges 601
Are We There Yet? Forty Years After the Passage
of the Civil Rights Act: Revolution in the Workforce
and the Unfulfilled Promises that Remain
Thomas H. Barnard
Adrienne L. Rapp
Why the EEOC (Still) Matters Anne Noel Occhialino
Daniel Vail
The Argument for Making American Judicial
Remedies Under Title VII Available to Foreign
Nationals Employed by U.S. Companies on
Foreign Soil
Olivia P. Dirig
Mahra Sarofsky
The Argument for a Hybrid Retaliation
Law: A Comparative Law Study to
Define Retaliation Under Title VII by
Comparing the United Kingdom, Including
the European Union, Australia, and Canada
Dana K. Scalere
Corinne D. Sorisi

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