Volume 22, No. 1 Fall 2004

Liberty, Diversity, Academic Freedom, and Survival: Preferential Hiring Among Religiously-Affiliated Institutions of Higher Learning (PDF)
Jamie Darin Prenkert 1
Same-Sex Marriage: The Evolving Landscape for Employee Benefits (PDF) Neal S. Schelberg
Carrie L. Mitnick
The Continuing Relevance of Race-Conscious Remedies and Programs in Integrating the Nation's Workforce (PDF)
Michael L. Foreman
Kristin M. Dadey
Audrey J. Wiggins
Facially Neutral No-Rehire Rules and the Americans with Disabilities Act (PDF)
Christine Neylon O'Brien 114
Association Discrimination Under the Americans with Disabilities Act: Another Uphill Battle for Potential ADA Plaintiffs (PDF)
Lawrence D. Rosenthal 132
Same-Sex Harassment: Do Either Price Waterhouse or Oncale Support the Ninth Circuit's Holding in Nichols v. Azteca Restaurant Enterprises, Inc. that Same-Sex Harassment Based on Failure to Conform to Gender Stereotypes is Actionable? (PDF)
Philip McGough 207
Stepping Out of the Courtroom and Into the Personnel Department: An Analysis of Reasonable Accommodation and Disparate Impact in Raytheon v. Hernandez (PDF)
Douglas Menikheim
Frederick R. Trelfa
When Harry Met Larry and Larry Got Sick: Why Same-Sex Families Should be Entitled to Benefits Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (PDF)
Alana M. Bell
Tamar Miller
Dirty Dancing: Attributing the Moral Right of Attribution to American Copyright Law: The Work for Hire Doctrine and the Usurping of the Ultimate Grand Dame and Founder of Modern Dance, Martha Graham (PDF)
Sarah Kutner
Holly Rich

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