Finding a Placement

Most field placements are with government agencies and public interest or nonprofit institutions. Field placements in corporate in-house legal departments and other for-profit entities are permitted on a limited basis and with administrative approval.

How to Search

Students are not limited to preapproved placements and should widely explore potential field placements. It is recommended that students begin their search through Symplicity and by exploring the Pathways to Professional Success.

The senior associate dean for experiential education, Jennifer Gundlach, and the director of the Externship Program, Franca Sachs, are also available to assist students in the search process.

When to Search

Students should begin their search in late spring for fall semester placements, in mid-October for spring semester placements and in mid-fall for summer positions.

This will provide ample time for the student to contact the employer, apply for a position, interview and receive an offer, and complete the approval process before the end of the registration period.

Types of Placements

There are three main categories of field placements:

  • Civil field placements teach legal skills through placements in nonprofit organizations and government agencies.
  • Criminal field placements provide students opportunities to learn about criminal practice through placements in prosecutors’ or legal aid offices.
  • Judicial field placements allow students to work directly with state or federal judges for a semester.

Students should keep in mind that many field placements may offer opportunities to comply with the New York State Pro Bono Requirement for Bar Admission