Family Law LL.M. Faculty

The LL.M. Program in Family Law builds on the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University’s excellent national reputation for dynamic family law programs. Our family law faculty is one of the largest in the nation, with expertise spanning the breadth of the field.

The program is operated in conjunction with Hofstra Law’s Center for Children, Families and the Law, headed by Professor Andrew Schepard, a renowned authority on family law, alternative dispute resolution and civil procedure. The Family Law LL.M. Program also collaborates with Hofstra Law’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, which is under the direction of Professor Robert A. Baruch Bush, a national authority in conflict resolution.

Hofstra Law boasts a diverse and experienced family law faculty with expertise in family law mediation, international family law, child advocacy, juvenile justice and matrimonial law. Family law faculty include Yishai Boyarin, J. Herbie DiFonzo, Janet L. Dolgin, Joanna L. Grossman, Theo S. Liebmann, Andrew Schepard and Barbara Stark.