The Part-Time J.D. Program

The Part-Time J.D. Program

The Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University’s part-time J.D. degree program offers day study to students whose obligations prevent them from carrying a full course load. The academic requirements for the part-time program, except for duration, are identical to those of the full-time program. Part-time students have the opportunity to participate in all facets of the Hofstra Law experience and have access to all of Hofstra Law’s resources and services, including the Office of Career Services, the deans, the Hofstra Law Review and other journals, moot court competitions and clinics.

The part-time day program begins with the following required courses:

First Year, Fall Semester  
Civil Procedure I 3 credits
Contracts I 3 credits
Legal Analysis, Writing & Research I 2 credits
Torts 4 credits
First Year, Spring Semester  
Civil Procedure II 2 credits
Contracts II 3 credits
Legal Analysis, Writing & Research II 3 credits
Property 4 credits

Other required courses for the part-time day program must be taken as follows:

Second Year, Fall Semester  
Constitutional Law I 3 credits
Criminal Law 3 credits
Second Year, Spring Semester  
Constitutional Law II 3 credits
Introduction to Administrative Law 1 credit
Transnational Law 2 credits