Third Year of the Full-Time J.D. Program

For many 3Ls, this capstone year at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University brings with it senior-level responsibility for student government, journals and other school organizations. Moot Court members typically transform themselves from competitors to coaches, while those working on pro bono projects look to bring matters to a close or prepare to hand them off to peers who will continue their efforts.

Skills courses and clinics that offer advanced practical experience in a subject of interest — whether it be international law, alternative dispute resolution or civil liberties — are another rewarding part of the third year, as is the time spent with the professors who teach them.

While 3Ls do not sit for the bar examination until after successfully completing the J.D. program, they are expected to marshal the resources that will support them during the upcoming study period. These include a bar overview course and counseling provided by faculty and administrators, as well as Hofstra Law-sponsored workshops and seminars on the skills and methodology necessary for success on the exam.

Third-years also carry an obligation to inspire the next generation of Hofstra Law attorneys as they themselves were supported and inspired. As 3Ls move on to their chosen careers, they do not leave the Hofstra Law community. Rather, they transition into active, connected alumni, many of whom live in the New York metropolitan area but can also be found in 49 states and 13 foreign countries.