Seminars and Events

OCS presents many events throughout the year to familiarize students with a variety of practice areas and professional development issues. Panel discussions and other OCS-sponsored events, such as career fairs and round table lunches and dinners, bring practitioners and students together to explore career possibilities. Recent programs have included:

  • The annual Success Strategies Boot Camp, a multi-day professional development intensive conducted during the winter intersession. The Boot Camp features brings together law firm professional development personnel, some of the leading consultants to the legal profession and Hofstra Law alumni to deliver workshops for students geared toward helping students develop the critical business and professional skills required for career success. Workshops have covered topics including emotional intelligence, effective communication skills, action writing, leadership skills development, interview preparation and networking. The program was piloted in 2010 with a group of 30 first year students; the 2012 program was attended by approximately 170 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students.
  • Are You LinkedIn®?, a program geared toward helping students learn to make effective and efficient use of LinkedIn, one of the most valuable yet underutilized networking resources available to law students today.
  • The Discover Your Passion series of panel programs, conducted 10-12 times during each academic year.  Each Discover Your Passion program focuses on a different area of the law, and we generally invite a group of 3-5 Hofstra Law alumni and a member of the Hofstra Law faculty who specialize in these areas to serve as panelists and speak with our students about their careers. Discussion topics include, but are not limited to:
    • how, why and when they decided to practice in their area of specialty;
    • the steps they took academically and professionally to prepare themselves for their careers;
    • what they do on a day-to-day basis;
    • what makes them passionate about the work they do; and
    • any guidance or suggestions they can offer to our students who may be interested in pursuing careers in these same area
  • The annual Career and Networking Fair, an event that gives students the opportunity to meet and network with large number of Hofstra Law alumni and prominent local lawyers representing a wide variety of practice areas in law firms, government agencies and public interest organizations, as well as alumni who have used their degrees to pursue alternative or non-practicing careers. The format is “table talk” in nature; the participating employers make themselves available to answer questions, talk about the work they do, and offer general career guidance to students.
  • A variety of information sessions, which include:
    • Timing and strategy for 1L and 2L summer job searches;
    • Timing and strategy for 3L post-graduate job searches;
    • Finding and funding summer positions with government agencies and public interest organizations; and
    • Pursuing post-graduate judicial clerkships.