• Completely clear your schedule for the eight weeks prior to the Bar Exam. Do not schedule major life events during this time (e.g., weddings, vacations, moving, work, additional care of relatives). Many students who should have passed the Bar Exam did not because they let a major life event interfere with their Bar studies.
  • Enroll in Perspectives in Legal Analysis & Writing to jump start your Bar exam preparation, demystify the Bar exam and receive feedback on actual Bar exam essays and MPT questions. Fall enrollment for the Perspectives course is typically lower than spring enrollment, so rising 3L students can plan for that accordingly.
  • Take as many Bar exam-tested courses as possible.
  • Plan on studying at least 8 to 10 hours per day.
  • Take a comprehensive commercial bar preparation course, attend every lecture, complete every practice assignment and sit for every simulated exam on the course’s schedule.
  • Consider taking a supplement to your comprehensive commercial bar preparation course.
  • Take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam well in advance of the Bar exam.