Perspectives in Legal Analysis and Writing Supplemental Bar Preparation Course

The Maurice A. Deane School of Law is in the forefront of law schools offering a for-credit supplemental Bar Preparation course. Perspectives in Legal Analysis and Writing builds on the analytical, writing and organizational skills necessary to enhance a student’s ability to prepare for the Bar Exam.

Students will become thoroughly familiar with the format and components of the Bar Exam. Students will review and outline some substantive topics, learn methods by which to review the tested areas of law, write outlines, complete practice essays, complete Multistate Performance Test questions, answer multiple-choice exam questions and receive feedback on written answers.

Students will learn to apply the critical skill of legal analysis and writing in the Bar Exam context and beyond. They will improve their ability to analyze facts, to use legal authorities to identify the issues and sub-issues presented by a problem, and to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of legal arguments.

Students’ writing skills will be developed through an emphasis on audience assessment and attention to legal and factual analytical reasoning. Memorization skills, time management and stress management techniques will also be taught.