Upper Division

Advanced Bankruptcy — Professor Resnick

Advanced Civil Litigation — Professor Weiner

Advanced Trial Advocacy - Criminal — Professor Vecchione

Alternatives To Litigation — Professor Bush

Alternatives To Litigation — Professor DiFonzo and Professor Boyarin

Antidiscrimination Law — Professor Glazer

Applied Evidence — Professor Barron

Banking Law Seminar — Professor Kalbaugh

Bankruptcy — Professor Resnick

Biotech: Law, Business & Regulation — Professor Griem

Business Drafting Seminar — Professor Platt

Business Organizations — Professor Albert

Business Organizations — Professor Ku

Clinical Prosecution Practicum — Professor Klein

Complex Insurance Litigation — Professor Rivkin

Constitutional Law II — Professor Charlow

Constitutional Law II — Professor Friedman

Consumer Transactions — Professor Silber

Corporate Finance — Professor Greenwood

Criminal Procedure I — Professor Kessler

Disability Law — Professor Gundlach

Employment Discrimination Law — Professor Hayden

Employment Law — Professor Joffe

Environmental Dispute Resolution — Professor Siegel

Estate Planning — Professor McCarty

Evidence — Professor Kessler

Expert Witness – Homicide — Professor Barron

Externship – Civil — Professor Sethi

Externship – Criminal — Professor Klein

Externship – Matrimonial Law — Professor Dane

Family Law — Professor Grossman

Federal Income Taxation of Individuals — Professor Galler

Federal Tax Policy Seminar — Professor Galler

Federal Tax Procedure — Professor Mandel

Health Law — Professor Dolgin

Intellectual Property Colloquium — Professor Manta

Intellectual Property Survey — Professor Manta

International Environmental Law — Professor Kuh

International Family Law — Professor Stark

International Law — Professor Stark

Law and Psychiatry — Professor Wolf

Law In Cyberspace — Professor Folami

Lawyers Ethics Seminar — Professor Freedman

Lawyers’ Ethics — Professor Liebmann

Legal History — Professor Silber

Legal Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiation — Professor Silberfeld, Professor Karabatos and Professor Sethi

Litigation Drafting Skills — Professor Austin

Medicare and Medicaid Law — Professor Weintraub

Mental Health Issues in Criminal Justice System — Professor Horowitz

Negotiation Seminar — Professor Bush

Perspectives on Legal Analysis and Writing — Professor Fromm

Prosecutor's Role: Prosecuting a Criminal Case — Professor Barron, Professor Sullivan and Professor Williams

Religion and the Constitution — Professor Charlow

Remedies — Professor Platt

Secured Transactions — Professor Hamroff

Selected Problems in New York Civil Practice — Professor Knobel

Selected Problems in New York Civil Practice — Professor McElroy

Selected Problems in New York Civil Practice — Professor McGrath

The Jury — Professor Klein

Transactional Lawyering — Professor Neumann

Wills, Trusts and Estates — Professor Gans

Youth Court Externship — Professor Ruisi and Professor Reyer