Upper Division

Upper Division

Accounting for Lawyers — Professor Reiss

Administrative Law — Professor Sample

Advanced Bankruptcy — Professor Resnick

Advanced Mediation Seminar — Professor Bush

Alternatives to Litigation — Professor Boyarin and Professor DiFonzo

Antitrust Law — Professor Lupu

Bankruptcy — Professor Resnick

Bioethics and the Law — Professor Dolgin

Business Drafting — Professor Goldberg

Business of Lawyering — Professor Meyer

Business Organizations — Professor Greenwood

Business Organizations — Professor Sneirson

Child Abuse and Neglect — Professor Braunstein

Children and the Law — Professor Grossman

Civil Externship Seminar — Professor Silberfeld

Collective Bargaining — Professor Archer

Commercial Transactions — Professor Silber

Constitutional Law I — Professor Charlow

Constitutional Law I — Professor Freedman

Constitutional Law I — Professor Friedman

Controversies in Corp Law Seminar — Professor Colombo

Copyright Law — Professor Friedman

Criminal Law Externship — Professor Klein

Criminal Law Externship — Professor Klein

Criminal Law in the Workplace — Professor Nicolino

Criminal Procedure I — Professor Klein

Criminal Procedure II — Professor Burke

Domestic Violence Seminar — Professor Barron

Environmental Law — Professor Kuh

Evidence — Professor Kessler

Evidence — Professor Krieger

Family Law — Professor Stark

Federal Income Taxation of Individuals — Professor Galler

Federal Tax Policy Seminar — Professor Galler

Health Law — Professor Dunbrook

Immigration Law — Professor Wren

Intellectual Property Survey — Professor Manta

International Business Transactions — Professor Lites

International Law — Professor Stark

Introduction to the American Legal System — Professor Ku

Judicial Externship Program — Professor Dane

Jurisprudence — Professor Lebrón

Labor Law — Professor Hayden

Land Use Law — Professor Ostrow

Law of International Trade — Professor Ku

Law Reform Advocacy Clinic — Professor Krieger

Lawyer's Ethics — Professor Liebmann

Lawyer Ethics — Professor Fortney

Lawyer Malpractice — Professor Wasserman

Law’s Response to Reproductive Technology — Professor Dunbrook

Legal Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation — Professor Silberfeld

Managed Care and the Doctor-Patient Relationship — Professor Weintraub

Matrimonial Skills — Professor Barron

Medical Malpractice — Professor Burdo

Patent Law — Professor Messina

Political Asylum Clinic — Professor Wren

Pre Trial Skills — Professor Cozzens

Private Equity — Professor Schwenkel

Product Liability — Professor Lukeman

Real Estate Negotiation Techniques — Professor Krieger

Researching Administrative Law — Professor Selby

Securities Regulations — Professor Colesanti

Selected Problems in NY Practice — Professor Knobel

Special Education Law — Professor Giuliani

Telecommunications Law — Professor Folami

Transnational Law — Professor Ku

Voting Rights and Election Law — Professor Hayden

Wills, Trusts, and Estates — Professor Folami

Wills Trusts and Estates — Professor Gans

Youth Court — Professor Reyer and Professor Kaplan

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