First year

First year

Civil Procedure I — Professor Austin

Civil Procedure I — Professor DiFonzo

Civil Procedure I — Professor Gundlach

Civil Procedure I — Professor Sample

Civil Procedure I — Professor Schepard

Contracts I — Professor Albert

Contracts I — Professor Colombo

Contracts I — Professor Joffe

Contracts I — Professor Shill

Contracts I — Professor Sneirson

Criminal Law — Professor Burke

Criminal Law — Professor Charlow

Criminal Law — Professor Wagner

Jurisprudence — Professor Lebron

Labor Law — Professor Hayden

Legal Analysis, Writing and Research — Professor Lebron

Legal Analysis, Writing and Research I — Professor Stein

Legal Analysis, Writing and Research I — Professor Joffe

Researching Administrative Law — Professor Selby

Torts — Professor Bush

Torts — Professor Greenwood

Torts — Professor Kessler

Torts — Professor Kuh

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