Conduct During Exams

The Code of Academic Conduct and Examination Regulations govern conduct during examinations. The Code also sets forth violations relating to plagiarism and other student behavior. Procedures for resolving disputes and imposing appropriate sanctions in connection with violations are covered by the Code of Academic Conduct.

General Rules Governing the Conduct of Examinations

  1. Each student is assigned an anonymous grading number for each exam period. Different exam numbers will be assigned for mid-term exams and finals. Students should keep these numbers confidential. Under no circumstances should students reveal their examination numbers to a member of the faculty.
  2. Students are permitted to have in their possession in the examination room only materials authorized by the instructor. Possession of any other materials relating to the course is not permitted.
  3. Students must follow the instructions of the proctors.
  4. There shall be no talking and no sharing of materials during the examination.
  5. Bathroom passes are available from the proctors. Only one male and one female student are permitted out of the room at a time.
  6. Failure to stop writing at the conclusion of the examination constitutes a violation of the Code of Academic Conduct. Proctors will take the names of students who fail to stop writing and forward them to the Office of Academic Records for further action.
  7. After signing out of the examination, students are to exit the room and the immediate area promptly and quietly.
  8. Students may contact the Office of Student Affairs with any examination-related problems.