Out of Court Statements (formerly CONSCIENCE)

Editor in Chief: Komal Makhdoom
Executive Editor: Brian Hamm
Managing Editor: Adam Sosnik
Comm. Mgr: Andrew Mantione

Out of Court Statements (formerly Conscience) is the newspaper published by the students of the Law School. Topics covered range from local events to issues of general legal and social importance. Students, administration, faculty and alumni are encouraged to submit articles on selected topics and to consider Conscience as a medium of collective expression within the Law School community. Conscience also welcomes all students interested in reporting, editing, photography or layout to join the staff.

In its first year of publication, Conscience received the national prize from the American Bar Association Law Student Division for the best law school newspaper in its category. In the April/May 1993 issue of the National Jurist, Conscience was featured as one of four of the "nation's best law school newspapers."