Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the externship program must:

  • Work at least 12 hours per week over the course of a 14-week semester or 200 hours over the course of an eight-week summer session.
  • Attend a companion weekly seminar taught by a Maurice A. Deane School of Law faculty member if participating in the externship program during the fall and spring semesters.

    During the summer externship program, students are required to attend a full-day orientation program and then participate in an online classroom component throughout the summer.

  • Maintain a reflective journal about their field placement, in accordance with the placement’s confidentiality requirements, as well as the attorney-client privilege and attorney-work product doctrine.
  • Produce a substantial amount of original writing involving legal research and analysis during the field placement.
    • For judicial placements, students must complete a minimum of 25 pages of written work.
    • For the Global Legal Practice and summer externship programs, students must complete 20 pages of written work.
    • For all other externship programs, students must complete 15 pages of written work.

No Compensation: Students may not be compensated for the work they perform in connection with their field placement other than reimbursement of reasonable externship-related out-of-pocket expenses.

No Fees or Billing: Field placements must not bill or collect any fees for any work performed by students.