The LL.M. Program

The LL.M. Program

The Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University offers two distinct LL.M. programs providing advanced education in specific areas of the law: Family Law and American Legal Studies.

Family Law

The Family Law LL.M. program builds on Hofstra's excellent national reputation for dynamic family law programs. The curriculum is driven by the reality that family courts incorporate a wide variety of dispute resolution procedures and are populated by professionals from multiple disciplines. Students have the opportunity to undertake a specialized program in advanced family law, combining research, skills development, policy analysis, and traditional classroom instruction.

American Legal Studies

The concentration in American Legal Studies is designed for foreign law graduates who seek general training in U.S. law and practice. This degree is particularly valuable to those who seek to work in U.S. or international law firms with U.S. clients, international corporations, or in government service. This degree is also beneficial for those who are interested in applying to take the New York State Bar Examination.