Archive of Past Library Displays

July/August 2014
The Mother Court — Southern District of New York
May/June 2014
Beach Law
March/April 2014
25 Greatest Legal Movies
January/February 2014
Nelson Mandela
November/December 2013
Juries in Perspective
September/October 2013
United States Voting Rights
July/August 2013
Historic Federal Courthouses in New York State
May/June 2013
Law in Shakespeare
March/April 2013
Introverts in the Law
January/February 2013
Fireworks Law Research
November/December 2012
Law & Popular Culture
September/October 2012
The Presidential Debates
July/August 2012
Tennessee v. John T. Scopes (Scopes Monkey Trial)
May/June 2012
Figures of Justice in Mythology
March/April 2012
Law, Logic & Technology Research Laboratory
January/February 2012
Legislative History Research Made Simple
November/December 2011
Thurgood Marshall
October 2011
The Black Sox Trial
July-September 2011
Mapp v Ohio, Part 2
>May/June 2011
Civil Law — An Introduction
March/April 2011
Law, Logic & Technology Research Laboratory (LLT Lab)
January/February 2011
Snow Law
November/December 2010
40 Years of Impact: 1970 in Law
October 2010
40 Years of Impact: Hofstra Law School Clinics
September 2010
40 Years of Impact: Hofstra Law School Deans
May/June 2010
Mapp v. Ohio: Search & Seizure
March/April 2010
Animal Law
January 2010
Foreign and International Legal Databases
December 2009
Study Break
November 2009
ACTronyms of Congress
October 2009
The Salem Witch Trials
September 2009
Juries in Perspective
August 2009
The Senate Judiciary Committee
June/July 2009
The Magna Carta
May 2009
David Souter, Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court
April 2009
Tax-ing Concerns
March 2009
Bailouts and Stimuli
February 2009
Books on Trial
January 2009
The President’s Cabinet
December 2008
President-elect Obama — The Law School Years
November 2008
The Electoral College
October 2008
Foreign Law in United States Court
September 2008
Executive Power and Presidential Signing Statements
August 2008
Those Excluded From the Vote
June/July 2008
The Subprime Mortgage and Credit Crisis
May 2008
Presidential Debates — A Glimpse Through History
April 2008
Presidential Elections Around the World
March 2008
Nominating Candidates